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Welcome! A family tree is never complete. Always lots of additional information to search out, corrections to be made, data to double-check. If you share the 'Chant' name, I'd be delighted to hear from you and to share additional information.

To protect the privacy of family members, detailed information on living persons has been suppressed from this web site. Only their names appear.

The current database holds 2,319 individuals with 771 families.

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My line of the family has deep roots in Webbwood. This Northern Ontario community officially became a town in 1906. That means that 2006 was its centennial year and there were many celebrations held including a homecoming that was held on the long August weekend. My wife and I travelled to Webbwood to join festivities and to connect with our family's roots. Here's a link to a Webbwood Genealogy site.

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Please share any additional or corrected information.

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Philip Chant
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Send E-mail to phil (at) thechants (dot) ca

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